Kaufissenci – Our Brands, Our Technology

Kaufissenci is a software consumer development company. We are shapping the consumer future, with several digital products for the consumer, in areas such as: Finance, Entertainment, Health, Insurance.


Know more about the Kaufissenci team and how everything started.

About Us


Kapital Program offers responsible business financing products such as royalty-based investment, purchase of future receivables and merchant cash advance. These products are not short-term loans or consumer loans.

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We have a broad business domain expertise and a team of business analysts, software developers, designers and testers, we cover every aspect of software production. We've implemented top-quality products for our clients.


Our Architecture is based on Cloud enterprise solutions as Amazon AWS, Heroku and Salesforce. Providing an end to end high quality solution for our products. Managed by an IT Systems Senior team, so that it meets the business and IT Quality of Service requirements while at the same time ensuring the optimum deployment of new products into production environments.


We bring together component technology sub-systems via a collection of middleware technologies and services into a cooperating aggregate so that the whole is able to deliver the target overarching functionality on our products.


Project management is thus all about making it happen. It is a discipline of initiating, planning, executing, and managing resources with the goal of completing specific deliverables within budget and time making the best products available in the right time with the premium quality.


Kaufissenci fully embraces “digital”, we have optimized our functional testing across channels and via open source tools; Agile, DevOps and Test Automation. This will drive increased efficiency, improved end user experience, improved quality, time-to-market and reduced cost of our products.


Our IT experienced consultants can provide high quality support, improve customers’ experience and maximise product availability localized per country of product operation’s.